Interview: Brandon Darby and Things that Matter

One of the most misunderstood people in American media, Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby is anomaly in many ways. He doesn’t quite fit into any political box. In a rare reflective interview, Darby [...]


TxLege 101: An intro to state government

A five-part series led by University of Houston Prof. Brandon Rottinghaus, Texas Legislature 101 seeks to inform listeners on the basics of state government. Below audio from the five parts are [...]


Texas Tech’s ‘medical school’ proves West Texans know what they’re doing

As a boy, I remember taking a long ride into Lubbock. Frightened, I held my great-grandmother’s hand the whole way. What I knew was that some people cutting my grandmother’s chest open to fix her [...]


Earning the right to preach in rural America

Stephen Witmer has gained a new appreciation for and calling to ministry in small places. A New Testament professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a pastor in Pepperell, MA, pop. [...]


Why the Farm Bill’s first attempt failed

Now for a post-mortem on the recent collapse of the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S. House. To put it simply, the collapse seems to have begun in House Republican leadership’s approach, which was to [...]


Texas Craft Brewers and the Big Beer Industrial Complex

The beer industry in Texas today is still regulated by a “three-tier system” devised in the 1930s. A system that requires each of the industry’s tiers— brewing, distributing and selling— to [...]


A barber, his bucket and my favorite Texas politics story

[Photo via Lubbock Avalanche-Journal] WHEN MAURICE STANLEY decided to run for Lubbock City Council in 2014, he retrieved a clear plastic bucket from the back room of his barbershop. He then taped [...]


What are the costs of losing rural schools?

LATELY I’ve been mulling on my contempt for the Texas Legislature’s abdication of rural schools. I’ve concluded my contempt is rooted in my deep appreciation for being a product of a rural school [...]


[Note: This piece was originally written for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on March 10, 2017] THIS week, four West Texans demonstrated an affection for their place that proved more insuppressible [...]


Governor’s 2014 ruling could have blocked public knowledge of chemical stockpile in Lubbock neighborhood explosion

A Lubbock home exploded Tuesday night, killing two and injuring others, including first responders. The home owner, John Fleming, 72, who operated a business that manufactures hydrogen and [...]

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