Texas Craft Brewers and the Big Beer Industrial Complex

The beer industry in Texas today is still regulated by a “three-tier system” devised in the 1930s. A system that requires each of the industry’s tiers— brewing, distributing and selling— to [...]


A barber, his bucket and my favorite Texas politics story

[Photo via Lubbock Avalanche-Journal] WHEN MAURICE STANLEY decided to run for Lubbock City Council in 2014, he retrieved a clear plastic bucket from the back room of his barbershop. He then taped [...]


What are the costs of losing rural schools?

LATELY I’ve been mulling on my contempt for the Texas Legislature’s abdication of rural schools. I’ve concluded my contempt is rooted in my deep appreciation for being a product of a rural school [...]


[Note: This piece was originally written for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on March 10, 2017] THIS week, four West Texans demonstrated an affection for their place that proved more insuppressible [...]


Governor’s 2014 ruling could have blocked public knowledge of chemical stockpile in Lubbock neighborhood explosion

A Lubbock home exploded Tuesday night, killing two and injuring others, including first responders. The home owner, John Fleming, 72, who operated a business that manufactures hydrogen and [...]


Inside the vet school battle between Texas Tech and A&M

In one corner: Texas A&M, whose College of Veterinary Medicine is in the top five nationwide and has trained generations of animal doctors. In the other corner: upstart Texas Tech, exploring [...]


Leeson: Empower Texans politicians like state Sen. Charles Perry must be nervous heading into 2020

 OSTX’s Jay Leeson appeared on Lubbock’s KAMC 28 Talking Points with Bryan Mudd to discuss the Empower Texans and their 2018 Texas GOP Primary Election debacle. The shady [...]


A Politics of Place (2018)

A place carries a continuity of knowledge and passes it from generation to generation. How the place works, what makes it turn. When there’s disruption in this continuity, learning transpires by [...]


Look to Panhandle conservatives to defy Texas’ shift to the far right

Up in the Panhandle, where “conservative” still means “to conserve,” there’s a living memory of and responsibility toward pioneer ancestors who settled in what was [...]


How Millie the Milk Cow might just change Texas politics

Brandon Darby is in overalls, sitting on his wooden front porch, pulling a natural blend American Spirit to light up. He’s anxious. “She wasn’t treated very nicely,” the Breitbart Texas chief [...]

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