Blue Collar Bill Report: Campaign commercials

Blue Collar Bill: These politicians jump out of their Land Rovers and Lexuses and walk onto this commercial set. They put on their brand new boots, their brand new jeans, their brand new L.L. Bean shirt and their Carhartt jacket, holding a brand new pair of gloves and tell me how they understand my position and what it’s like to be me, a hardworking Texan.

Every time. Every time. You know what? I’ll believe what you guys have to say when the gloves you’re holding in that commercial got some dirt on the palm, and there’s a stain on that Carhartt jacket, and some wear around the edges of them boots.

Jay Leeson: So, Blue Collar Bill, if you ever run for something, the tools on the wall are going to be used?

Blue Collar Bill.: That’s correct. That’s the way it should be. It’s disingenuous. I get the feeling these guys are not representing me, and then they try to dress like me, and come at me through my TV, and get me to buy back in. Well, why should I? What am I getting for my money? That’s just my two cents and it may not make a hill of beans, but I sure wish these guys would be genuine, authentic, and now that we’ve got our corporate tax situation, and our farm situation squared away, let’s start trying to take care of the working man that makes this whole thing run.

(Taken from the 2/12/2018 edition of OSTX radio program)

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