VIDEO: Congressman “Cotton-Eyed Jodey” Arrington: Agriculture helps maintain America’s greatness

In a March 8 appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington (R, Lubbock) was asked by a caller about “cotton industry price controls and subsidies.”

Video of comments by first-term Arrington, who colleugue Arkansas Republican Rep. Rick Crawford dubbed as “Cotton-Eyed Jodey” for his focus on cotton, can be seen below.

The transcript of the clip is as follows:

“Cotton brings $22 billion to our economy. A 120,000 people work in the cotton industry along the 17 state cotton belt. Cotton is part of the food and fiber for the American people.

I don’t know anything about price controls, but we do have a safety net and that safety net, like flood insurance for coastal communities, were we have port cities, just says ‘Hey, it’s a risky business to produce food in this country. It’s a risky business with weather risk and market risk to be able to feed and clothe the American people.’ So we have a safety net that says if things get really bad, then the government can provide sort of disastrous assistance for a short period of time. I think that’s good for our economy.

The agriculture contributes to 20-plus million jobs, but more importantly it’s an issue of national security. We talked about what China’s doing, how about depending on China for our food and fiber? How about Russia for our wheat? It doesn’t work and we would be vulnerable and we’d be in a weaker position from a national security if we didn’t have a safety net and most importantly if we didn’t have hard working god fearing patriotic farmers that got up every day and by the sweat of their brow grew and made the food that we eat every day, that we quite frankly take for granted because we think it just shows up at the grocery store. It doesn’t. I promise you. I’m from ag producing region and these guys work hard so that this country can maintain its greatness.”

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