Big News: OSTX radio program is moving to weekdays on Monday, April 16!

I’m both delighted and somewhat surprised to announce that the Other Side of Texas radio program will move weekdays on Monday, April 16.

The program can be heard from 5:00-6:00pm on Lubbock’s KRFE AM 580 and online at Or you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

I’m delighted because the show has had success that I didn’t expect a weekly two-hour program to have, especially a program that’s just two months old. The same goes for the website, which is now approaching 6,000 hits per week. And I greatly appreciate all of the kind notes, emails and calls from listeners and readers over the past couple of months. These encouragements have weighed more heavily in the decision to move to weekdays than has quantifiable traffic.

And I’m surprised because seven months (and 40 pounds ago), I began to walk away from media roles to run for office. Only to realize in the process that a greater service to Texas, for me, was to pursue a larger media platform. I discussed this prarie empiphany at length in my first OSTX opening monologue, you can find the transcription here.

But what’s even more surprising to me— nine weeks after the program’s launch— is that the whole daggum thing has worked out completely opposite of how I expected.

I set out to create content in a two-hour program on Mondays through interviews, etc. and then write about the content towards the end of the week. This, in retrospect, was a lot like expecting to be able to ride a bull down the street.

What actually wound up happening was me putting a great deal of time and effort towards producing a weekly program to which I would listen. This, plus managing the greater platform, wasn’t calmly strolling a bull down the street. It was a bull riding me.

So, I’ve gone out and made some key hires. Including very talented folks to manage show production and platform marketing (and I cannot take credit for the forthcoming quality of social media posts; these are being made by much smarter people than me). Being relieved on these fronts, without the pressure of hitting a weekly homerun, a daily format will allow me to be more relaxed behind microphones and at home.

In this move, we’ll continue to strive to bring original, entertaining and thoughtful content. But more than anything else, the weekday format will allow is the opportunity give a greater voice to and speak up more clearly for other sides of Texas. Which is the whole point.

And we’ll do so with continued help of weekly regular guests like Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey and Quorum Report’s Scott Braddock, as well as notable newsmakers and artists, and a cast of original LOL characters.

We’ll begin on Lubbock’s AM 580 and look to expand to other markets in the weeks and months to come.

And I would be remiss not to thank supporting sponsors that launched with us on February 5 with a somewhat unconventional idea. My central nerve of faith is gratitude, and I’ll long remember and be grateful for their patience and confidence, along with occasional snickering. Your trust will be rewarded in the weeks ahead. And I look forward to introducing listeners to the new sponsors that will soon join OSTX.

Oh. And one more thing. My great friend, front-porch and frequent hell-raisin’ buddy, Breitbart Texas chief Brandon Darby will be co-hosting the show on Fridays. We’ll start once a week and see where things go from there.

So, that’s the OSTX story. At least so far.

We hope you’ll join in with shootin’ out the lights and hallelujahin’ in the county on Monday, April 16. And until then, on the OSTX site.

Thanks for following along!


Jay ‘West Texas’ Leeson |

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