Audio: Texas GOP Chairman candidate Cindy Asche throws down on current Chairman James Dickey

In a speech to Lubbock Republicans this morning, Asche read a statement and provided documentation showing that Dickey, who was appointed by the State Republican Executive Committee in June 2017, “was charged by the federal Securities Exchange Commission with classic hedge fund fraud in violation of multiple federal statutes” in 2004.
Asche estimates investor losses to be in excess of $63 million. She continued, “Dickey refused to admit even undisputed facts. Instead, he invoked the 5th Amendment so many times the SEC requested the court grant an inference of guilt.” She also said that in his January 2006 trial, Dickey agreed to never dispute the allegations in the original complaint and “consented to the final judgment, and a pay a penalty of $35,000.”
Prior to the statement, Asche spent several minutes discussing the financial adversity facing the Texas Republican Party organization. After the statement (which is included in audio clip), in which Asche continuously struck a theme of “integrity is sadly lacking in our current (TRP) leadership,” she hammered, “I personally feel (this record) disqualifies him from representing the TRP with donors and investors. She also remarked that Dickey’s appointment occurred “because we didn’t vet our candidates.”
GOP delegates will elect the TRP Chairman this summer at the state GOP convention.

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