Audio: Four Price on the cost of doing nothing about the Texas opioid epidemic

Four Price, the four-term state representative from Amarillo. Chairman Price leads the house committee on public health.

Price joined Jay Leeson on OSTX to discuss the findings of his House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse.

He says, “what we’re learning is statistically we’re hearing a lot of information right now about how broad the crisis is in Texas. Nearly eight of every 100 Texans have a substance use disorder and what we know is that those substance use disorders are the leading contributor to children entering Child Protective Services. Almost two-thirds of all cases in 2016. We know that drug overdoses are the leading cause of maternal deaths in Texas. Most of which are due to illicit drugs including illicit use of opioids. Then we have unmet costs like substance use disorders in our ERs that extend about $350 million per year.”

Audio of the entire interview follows. The entire podcast can be heard by Subscribing to our podcast.

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