Leeson: Texas turned amarillo, not purple – selections from Amarillo Globe News column

When the Legislature convenes Jan. 8, Meyer, Davis, and Murphy will be – to borrow a metaphor from former Texas Gov. Rick Perry – cherry tomatoes in bowls of blueberries that are now their respective state rep delegations.

Notably, Gov. Greg Abbott invoked himself in Davis’ primary, pouring around a quarter-million dollars into the race, attacking a fellow Republican relentlessly, effectively making the race in West University Place into Abbott v. Davis. In November, Davis won her district by six points; Abbott lost the same district by three.

Likewise, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz intervened in East Texas in the primary, endorsing against state Rep. Chris Paddie of Marshall, whose rural district stretches six counties down the Texas-Louisiana border.

Paddie won 64 percent of the primary vote. In the general, Paddie went unopposed and Cruz pulled 70 percent from the district.

Statewide Republicans would do well to hereto forward cease cajoling and crowing about certain Republicans not being Republican enough in a state that is not as red as has been previously assumed. Especially when it comes to state reps who fared better in their own districts than statewides. Most especially rural Republicans, whose districts tilted statewide results in favor of the Texas GOP.

Instead, Republican leadership should endeavor to actually govern, something they’ve not done in some time.

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