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Every Monday from 5-7pm, we broadcast the news, views and issues of the other side of Texas live from KRFE AM 580 Lubbock, the studios where Buddy Holly became famous.

Each show aims to tell the rural side of Texas current events, giving voice to the other side of the state’s leading stories, while hearing from top-notch contributors and laughing along with Lone Star-sized characters.

That’s what we do. But here’s what we’d like you to do: If you enjoy our original and independent content, subscribe to the site and share podcasts and stories with your friends from all sides of Texas. Thanks y’all!

Jay Leeson

Noted for straight talk and balanced analysis, respected by (sane) Republicans and (stable) Democrats alike, Jay Leeson has emerged a leading voice on rural issues in Texas. A proponent of place and place-over-party, his work appears in several outlets across the state, including Texas Monthly, Dallas Morning News, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, as well as a host of television and radio programs. He resides in Lubbock with his wife of 15 years and their four children. You can contact Jay at jay@othersideoftexas.com, follow him on Twitter at @jayleeson

Little Sister

Lauren Huff is a Media Strategies major at THE Texas Tech University. She’ll *fingers-crossed* graduate within the year. A native of Jackson-Mississippi-on-a-Saturday-Night, Little Sister produces the Other Side. Contact her at show@othersideoftexas.com.

Blue Collar Bill

Blue Collar Bill Varner isn’t just from West Texas, he’s of West Texas. Blue Collar Bill reads ads, does show intros and calls in weekly from his 18 wheeler to give the Blue Collar Bill Report. He can be reached at regional Allsup’s at just the right time, if you’re lucky.

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