What are the costs of losing rural schools?

LATELY I’ve been mulling on my contempt for the Texas Legislature’s abdication of rural schools. I’ve concluded my contempt is rooted in my deep appreciation for being a product of a rural school [...]


Audio: Lubbock A-J’s Matt Dotray & Jay Leeson discuss the proposition to give Auditorium-Coliseum to Texas Tech

Matt Dotray joins Jay Leeson on OSTX to give facts and analysis about the Lubbock voting proposition for the City of Lubbock to give the Auditorium-Coliseum over to Texas Tech University. Nothing [...]


Audio: Four Price on the cost of doing nothing about the Texas opioid epidemic

Four Price, the four-term state representative from Amarillo. Chairman Price leads the house committee on public health. Price joined Jay Leeson on OSTX to discuss the findings of his House [...]


3/12/2018 OSTX Full Episode

Leeson on Texas A&M’s Disneyland Dad tactics on Texas Tech’s Vet School | Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey on everything Texas 2018 | The Panhandle Holds | Blue Collar Bill on [...]


VIDEO: Congressman “Cotton-Eyed Jodey” Arrington: Agriculture helps maintain America’s greatness

In a March 8 appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington (R, Lubbock) was asked by a caller about “cotton industry price controls and subsidies.” Video [...]


Braddock on Texas and the so-called ‘Granny Tax’

Quorum Report Editor Scott Braddock discusses the rootless “granny tax,” the kinda-sorta endorsement of state Rep. Sarah Davis by the Texas House GOP caucus, and he profiles the [...]


Making Dating Websites Great Never Again

Other Side’s Jay Leeson and Breitbart Texas Managing Editor Brandon Darby discuss the new Trump dating website, while (almost) maintaining straight faces and PSAing about the perils of [...]


Episode 2: High Cotton, the Designated (Cotton) Stripper and Abortion Politics

Audio from February 12, 2018: Leonard T. Jenkins on being a designated (cotton) stripper | Texas Tribune’s Ross Ramsey on Texas politics | U.S. House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Mike [...]


Radio Program Episode 1: Up Against the Wall

In the Other Side of Texas’ first radio program, host Jay Leeson explains what Other Side is all about. State Rep. Poncho Nevarez (D, Eagle Pass), who resides 20 feet away from the Rio [...]


Welcome to the Other Side, here’s what it’s all about

Jay Leeson: So the last time I signed off on this microphone here at AM 580 Lubbock, I intended to run for office. That was in the end of September. I began to clear space and layout for a run, a [...]

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