Brandon Darby: I could've been a Preacher

Taken from our interview with Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby. He’s an intriguing guest. He doesn’t quite fit into any political box.

In a rare reflective interview, Darby discusses his life and how being voiceless a decade ago has motivated him to speak very loudly for the voiceless today— and how, more and more, he prefers to focus on his life and family, and the things that matter.

Jodey Arrington speaks of Trade Relief in May 3, 2018 Broadcast

On May 3, Arrington came on the show and told me that Trump told him agriculture producers would be taken of on the trade wars.
Today Trump pledged $12B in trade war aid:

TTU Vet School Debate with Jay Leeson

Selection from 07-18-18 broadcast where Jay Leeson talks with veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen about the need for a second vet school.

Blue Collar Bill and the Helsinki Press Conference

A selection from 07-19-18 broadcast: #BlueCollarBill checks in and isn’t happy about Trump ‘capitulating’ to Putin at #Helsinki.

Jay Leeson weighs in with Stan Lambert on the Blue Trickle and changing the rules

Here’s a selection from 07-17-18’s episode with #Abilene State Rep. Stan Lambert. Jay warns us on the dangers of changing the rules to fit our needs today while endangering future generations.

Jay Leeson talks about how rural Texans are being shorted in the equation to fund hospitals, schools and roads for their communities in 07-17-18 broadcast.

Donald Trump drops in on his Cellphone

Donald J. Trump calls in on our broadcast to warn us of an imminent threat to America in a parody bit with Jay Leeson. Broadcast on 07-16-18.

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